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Best time for a birding safari to Semuliki National Park-Uganda safari news

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Best time for a birding safari to Semuliki National Park-Uganda safari news

Best time for a birding safari to Semuliki National Park

Popularly known as the true birders Haven Semuliki National Park is tucked in the remote corner, of southwestern Uganda,  protecting the eastern extension of the vast Ituri Forest. In Uganda, Semuliki National Park has the highest number of forest bird species (about 66%) along with several endemic species. The park also hosts a large number of mainly central African Species that are endemic to the park in the whole of East Africa. These include some of the continent most spectacular and sought-after birds such as Congo Serpent eagle, Long-tailed Hawk, Nkulengu rail, black-wattled horn bill, and Lyre-tailed honey guide. The  Uganda birding safaris tourist little paradise gives avid birders a chance to sight several bird species.  To enjoy a memorable birding safari in Uganda, you have to know of the perfect timing, here is the best time for a birding safari to Semuliki National Park;

Uganda has one of the best climates in Africa and in the whole world. Uganda is gifted with a tropical like climate where bird watching can be done all year round. However, the best time to visit Semuliki while on a Safari in Uganda is during a relatively dry season. This is so because during the wet season, there may occur heavy rains which may leave some parts of the park flooded contrary to the dry season where by the trails are passable and a birder can stay longer in the forest. The dry eases also eases photography and access to the park from any destination from within the country or on an extended nearby Rwanda safari. The rainy season occurs between the months March to May and then from September to December.

June is always the breeding season and birds are so colorful.This could be the best time to plan for your birding safari to Uganda.

What to carry for a birding safari to Semuliki National Park

A Field Guide Book

Carrying a field guide or bird book is essential for any birding safari. This can depend on the number of days your safari is lasting. If you choose to purchase books before you set off always choose the right guides that you are comfortable using, but at times this can become bulky. The other option of purchasing a bird guide book is by getting it in a local store. You can contact your Uganda birding safaris tour operator to check out for you if the guide is available in the local store. More appropriate also is getting help from your birding guide on where to purchase a bird guide book after you have arrived, they are knowledgeable and can be helpful.

The world is going digital and you can also go that way so to avoid carrying bulky stuff, your phone can do it all. You can download the necessary guide book then use your phone as long as your battery will always be charged such that you don’t skip to tick any of the specials you sight.

Camera and Binoculars

You will definitely want to capture that moment whether for a Bee-eater or a Weaver so don’t forget to carry your camera. You might think your not skilled but that’s not reason to leave behind your camera, you need it for identification of the birds. For your camera, pack extra batteries, memory cards and any other camera accessories.

You wouldn’t want to see your camera get faulty so remember to carry along your carrying strap, cleaning tools, Digiscoping adaptors and any other tools that you need for your kind of camera.

A Field Bag

You will need a suitcase to carry all of your birding safari essentials but then you will also need to carry a field bag. Your field bag is essential to carry your gear no matter where you may go birding.

Don’t forget the birding hut and the boots.

During your birding excursion don’t forget to wear appropriate insect repellent and sunscreen depending on the location and climate conditions where you are birding.

Carry a water bottle to keep you hydrated and also a few snacks. Your birding in Uganda tour operator will always make sure there is water in the vehicle but just in case it’s not enough you should carry some water along.

A light jacket can also be fitted in your field bag just in case the rains find you in the field.

Uganda is an ultimate birding destination and therefore choosing to go birding will definitely pay off. Semuliki National Park is sorrounded with several national parks that make it possible for gorilla safari Uganda or wildlife safaris in Uganda for un matched memories.


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