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Birding in Jinja – Uganda safari news

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The adventure-birding lovers’ perfect destination

The Eastern district of Jinja is a popular Uganda safari destination as the adventure lover’s spot because of the fact that its source to the world’s longest River-Nile River. However, its isn’t just about white-water rafting, boat cruises and the water alone, birders are also catered for, the river has given abundant life to the birds that call this place home and birding in jinja tourists. Jinja is one of the best Uganda birding safari destinations and birding in Jinja should be one of the things thought of while planning a birding itinerary for a tourist who loves adventure too. It becomes more special when you know you’re going to see so much birdlife just from where the streams of the mighty River Nile started the long 9 country journey.

Jinja is located just 80km from Kampala-Uganda’s capital and a very wonderful place to go birding on about a 2 hours’ drive. When you go birding in jinja, boats are specifically designed as birding craft and can accommodate 8-11 people and come with all the relevant safety gear.

There different birding time along the Nile and these are; Morning birding excursions that last about 2 hours on the Nile and the most active time for birding. Evening birding excursions also last about 2 hours on the water and is the best Uganda birding tour time to experience raptors and other species at sunset. For the avid birder, the full day birding in Jinja experience is the way to go as you spend the day in search of birds and this increases chances of a big list check off.

Birding in Jinja

White Breasted cormorant

Along the shores of the Nile River, you have chance to sight several species inclusive of which are the Great Blue Turaco, Rock Pratincole, Giant Kingfisher, African Open-billed Stork, Green-backed Heron, Purple Swamphen, White-spotted Flufftail, White-crested Turaco, Bruce’s Green Pigeon, Western Banded Snake Eagle, African Grey Parrot.

Birding in Jinja as one of the Jinja source of the Nile tour activities, doesn’t only offer that, there several other bird species including;

Hottentot Teal

Red-billed Teal

African Pygmy Goose

Spur-winged Goose

Crested Guineafowl

Helmeted Guineafowl

Harlequin Quail

Scaly Francolin

Crested Francolin

Forest Francolin

Blue-spotted Wood Dove

Pied Kingfisher

African Pygmy Kingfisher

Giant Kingfisher

African Green Pigeon

African Black Coucal

Blue-headed Coucal

African Rail

African Crake

Purple Swamphen

White-spotted Flufftail

Buff-spotted Flufftail

Red-chested Flufftail

Grey Crowned Crane

African Finfoot

Black-bellied Bustard

Eastern Grey Plantain-eater

Red-headed Lovebird

Malachite Kingfisher

Black-billed Turaco

Great Blue Turaco

Ross’s Turaco

Woolly-necked Stork

Shoebill, Hammerkop

African Darter

Greater Painted-snipe

Western Banded Snake Eagle

African Marsh Harrier

African Pied Hornbill

Northern Ground Hornbill

Crowned Hornbill

White-headed Wood-hoopoe

White-crested Turaco

African Grey Parrot

African Darter

Common Bulbul

Pink-backed Pelican

Yellow-billed Kite

Red Bishop

Yellow-mantled Weaver

Reed Cormorant

White-breasted Cormorant

Grey crowned Crane

Pied Crow

Egyptian Goose

Marabou Stork

Uganda is blessed to have about 1072 bird species distributed in different habitat and this has made possible for every birder with other interests not leaving out adventure catered for. Whether you are planning a Uganda wildlife safari, gorilla trekking safari in Uganda or any other tour and want to see birds even within the city Centre, then don’t hesitate to make your booking.

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