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How To Enjoy This Unbelievable Short Uganda Bird Watching Tour

This 1-day Mabira forest bird watching safari Uganda is one of the affordable short Uganda safaris that bird fanatics interested in Uganda birding safaris usually take on during their Uganda safaris. Our 1 Day Mabira Uganda birding tour is tailored to permit bird enthusiasts with limited time for long Uganda safaris to have a chance to sight up to 315 bird species in the forest out of Uganda’s 1069.  Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd has professional Uganda birding safari guides that will take you through this short Uganda birding safari tour.

short Uganda watching birding safariWith over 300km2 size, Mabira forest is Uganda’s largest tropical rainforest situated in Buikwe district just a few kilometres from Kampala along Kampala-Jinja highway. Buikwe district is located between Lugazi and Jinja. Mabira has been a protected Forest Reserve since 1932.

Mabira Forest Reserve is one of the nearest birding watching safari destinations in Uganda or Uganda safari birding spots where tourists can be pleased with a 1-day birding excursion filled with montane forest bird species. Using the Kampala-Jinja highway, Mabira forest is 58.8km from Kampala taking a drive time of about 1h 49min in your 4×4 land cruiser car hire Uganda or any 4×4 car hire Uganda Kampala depending on the number of people. The 1-day bird watching safari Uganda to Mabira forest starts and ends in Kampala Uganda.

In order to avoid traffic jam, your Uganda tour during your visit Uganda will start at around 6:00 am in the morning after breakfast from your hotel in Uganda Kampala. Your Uganda safari tour driver guide (professional birding guide) will pick you up from your hotel and transfer you to Mabira forest in Buikwe district for this wonderful short Africa birding safari excursion.

short Uganda watching birding safariAs soon as you start your drive in Mabira forest, you will sight several birds singing around in the forest trees even before you set a foot out of the vehicle. This short Uganda watching birding safari starts at the Mabira Eco tourism centre situated at about 300m into the forest off Najjembe fast food sale point.

You will get a small briefing and after you will start your birding walk into the forest. Be ready to tick off over 315 birds off your list. As part of your Uganda adventure safari, you will see different flora as well as Uganda’s endemic; the Uganda mangabey (Lophocebus ugandae). This whole day birding tour in Uganda’s Mabira forest gives an opportunity to sight a range of tropical bird species like;

  • African Pied Hornbill
  • Forest Wood-Hoopoe
  • Tit Hylia
  • Purple-throated Cuckoo-shrike
  • Black-Billed Turaco
  • Ruffaous Flycatcher Thrush
  • White-bellied
  • Blue-breasted
  • Shining-blue and Dwarf Kingfishers
  • Slender Billed
  • Yellow Whiskered
  • Toro Olive and Little Grey Greenbul
  • Green-tailed and Red-Tailed Bristlebill
  • Forest Robin
  • Fire-crested Alethe
  • Snowy-crowned and Blue-shouldered Robin-Chat
  • Yellow Spotted
  • Grey Throated and Yellow-billed Barbet
  • White-spotted Flufftail
  • Jameson’s Wattle-eye
  • Little Green
  • Green Throated and Olive Bellied Sunbird
  • Hairy-breasted Barbet
  • Green Crombec
  • Black-throated Apalis
  • African Paradise Flycatcher
  • Black-and-white Shrike
  • African Flycatcher
  • Blue-throated Brown Sunbird
  • Dusky Long-tailed Cuckoo
  • Blue Throated Roller
  • Open-billed stork
  • Long-crested Eagle
  • Marabou stork
  • Cattle Egret
  • Pied Crow
  • Black Kite
  • Yellow-white eye
  • African Harrier Hawk
  • Chestnut Wattle-eye
  • African Grey Parrot

short Uganda watching birding safariAfter your 1-day bird watching safari in Mabira forest, you retreat back to Kampala and rest. For more Uganda birding tours in Uganda, you can enjoy another 1 day Uganda birding tour in Mabamba swamp or 1 Day Uganda birding safari in Entebbe botanical gardens.  

Still, in Mabira forest, you can cut your birding tour in Uganda short for Ziplining. Ziplining is one of the prominent activities adored by travellers on tours in Uganda. After all your activities, this will mark the end of your 1-day cheap tour Uganda.

When Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd; a Uganda safari tour operator plans your safari in Uganda, the Uganda tour package will be inclusive of;

The tour package excludes

  • Visas
  • Extra drinks
  • Tips to local guides
  • Personal purchase along the way

Credit should be given where it’s due; Uganda is a true birders haven for it is home to 50% of Africa’s bird species that are well distributed in every single kilometre of the country. Plan your short Uganda tour/ short Uganda birding safari tour today to any Uganda birding spots so you carry only beautiful memories.

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