Bird fanatics love booking Africa safaris because it is the best continent to go to for a birding watching safari. Africa is home to over 2341 bird species, 67% of which are endemic to the continent. These birds are well distributed in different African countries. Birders that have been to the African continent for birding safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe and many more have been enchanted by Africa’s amazing birdlife.

Uganda, the pearl of Africa is home to about 1061 bird species. This makes Uganda one of the best bird watching places in Africa with almost half of the continents bird species. Uganda has for long been considered as one of the best Africa birding safari destinations that any bird fanatic must not miss on his bucket list. Safari Uganda for your Uganda bird watching safari and get to witness several bird species that call Uganda home, the rich culture and wildlife diversity that has seen a rise in Uganda birding safaris tours, Cultural Safaris in Uganda and Uganda Wildlife Safaris respectively in the past years.