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Planning for a birding safari in Uganda

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How to plan for a Uganda bird watching safari

Uganda is known for a big number of bird species actually more than 1050 of them. Birding Uganda safari tours have been so popular of recent because of the easily seen birds. Planning for a birding safari in Uganda requires prior preparations but even before packing your bags remember to choose the best birding spots. Each single national park and most of the areas in Uganda have birds but choosing the heavily bird filled areas is necessary.

Before going for a birding safari always familiarize yourself with the bird species in this area by buying a bird guide book and reading through to know which birds you will actually find. Learn how to differentiate them by sound or color.

After booking your bird watching tour in Uganda, knowing what to carry on your safari is necessary. What to carry depends on where you are doing the bird watching from either in a tropical rain forest or in the wilderness.

What to pack when Planning for a birding safari in Uganda

What to wear or carry depends on where birding is going to be done;

If it’s in the tropical forest either in Bwindi impenetrable national park, Mgahinga gorilla national park, Rwenzori mountains national park or Semuliki national park, wearing long-sleeved shirt and trousers is necessary. Wear trekking shoes since you will have to trek the mountain as you do the birding.

Carry a sweater and rain coat since the temperatures in the forests are low.

Birding in other national parks like Murchison Falls national park or Queen Elizabeth national park that are in lower altitude areas require wearing light clothes. Light shoes and a hat for protection from the scotching sun are important. Carry sun glasses and bottled drinking water too.

planning a birding safari in Uganda

Birding with all the required equipment

In Kidepo national park-Africa’s best wilderness, carry light clothes, light shoes and a hat for protection from the scotching sun rays in the wilderness. Pack enough drinking water to take during the birding process.

In any birding spot, remember to carry the best pair of binoculars, birding guide book and book your safari with the best birding Uganda tour operators.

Best time for birding in Uganda

Bird watching can be done all year round however, the best season for a Uganda birding safari is during the dry season in the months of January to March when the tropical forests are accessible and the not slippery for hiking.

The breeding season however, is during the month of June and this is when the birds are very colorful.

Birding is Uganda is great and memorable but planning for the right time and best spot makes the safari more memorable.


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