The Birding safaris to Uganda are flexible and exist all year round thus it’s up to you to select the dates and duration of your Uganda birding trip.

Choice of Birding Safari in Uganda

You have the discretion of choosing a birding safari package from our website or customize the safari yourself to suit your interests. Considering your available time and resources, the company is always willing to design a better option for you.

You can choose to join the travel groups or travel alone though group tours tend to be cheaper than the independent travels. The safari tours are delivered by a professional and knowledgeable guide with in-depth knowledge in birds and their habitats. Their local touch enables you to have a close interaction with the local communities to the destinations where you travel to thus learning new cultures.

When to go birding in Uganda?

Uganda is located along the Equator and lies in the tropical Africa which makes her climate favorable all year round. Uganda experiences two rainfall seasons that start from March – May and from September – November while the dry season runs from Dec – Feb and from Jun – Aug. Uganda is generally wet and warm receiving an average rainfall of 1000-1500mm. The countries temperatures are influenced by altitude.

Most birds of Uganda can be seen all year round though seasonality has got an influence on their distribution. The ideal time for birding in Uganda is within the rainy season though the weather seems not to be convenient. In this season, the bird species are actively nestling with their voices up making it easy to locate and the food is always in abundance.

Uganda has also got the passing and visiting migrant species. The Pale arctic and intra African migrants are regular features in Uganda and East Africa in general. The Pale arctic migrants start arriving in October and depart in March though some arrive in April and depart in October while others arrive in August and depart in April. Different species overlap. The intra African Migrant species arrive in July and leave in December.